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Atmas Group

Experts in Shelters and Protective Technologies

Who we are

Atmas is an advanced technology and service providing company, specializes in solutions for construction and modernization of civil defense shelters, bunkers and protective structures, protection improvements for critical infrastructure and all types of government, industrial, commercial and private buildings and facilities, as well as supply and integration of collective and personal protection equipment, security, life-support, emergency response, law enforcement systems and more.


What we do

We provide a broad portfolio of products of CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) air filtration, blast and ballistic protection and reinforcement, electromagnetic pulse protection (EMPP), prefabricated concrete and composite shelters, bulletproof protected guard houses, command and control centers, CBRN decontamination and disinfection materials and systems, detection of drugs and explosives and more.

Along with the products we offer our customers a wide range of project support services like shelters inspection, threats and protection consultancy, structural design, technology and product selection, integration support, tests and commissioning. Our teams and partners provide services in various regions of the world to support the customer at all stages of the project.


Our mission and values

Atmas is a customer-oriented company, and our mission is to provide the customer with solutions that are required, with a focus on practical and professional approach, advanced technologies, and cost-effective products. By close cooperation with leading global OEMs and service providers in the fields of protection, civil defense, homeland security, security and other areas we are able to provide the most suitable solutions to comply with various international standards, customer and project requirements, budget and more.


Market environment

In today’s general worldwide environment governments as well as private people must consider the growing risks, improving the preparedness and response to current and future emergencies. There are various scenarios that have been in history, happening in the present and can happen also in the future. Examples of such can be conventional or non-conventional attacks during the war, terror attacks, manmade or natural disasters, technogenic accidents, climate change, explosions in hazardous industries with risk of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) or TIC (toxic industrial chemicals) contamination, blast, ballistic, electromagnetic pulse and other threats, as well as crime, violence and more.

Atmas offers a wide range of advanced, professional and cost-effective solutions for any emergency that can occur.

Atmas About Us

Our Management

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Andrey Shpak
Co-Founder and Managing Director

  • LinkedIn

Andrey held senior management positions at various global defense and technology companies and has over a decade of experience in leading major government, military and industrial programs around the world.

Guy Zymann photo

Guy Zymann

  • LinkedIn

Guy has over a decade of managerial experience (VP, CBDO and more) in the largest companies in the civil defense and blast and CBRN protection sectors and brings a vast knowledge and track record in the field. 

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