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We offer a wide selection of solutions for Structural Reinforcement for buildings and Blast and Ballistic Protection for complete structures, entrance and escape openings, walls, windows, ventilation openings, and more.
The solutions we offer can be fitted to any new construction or retrofitted to existing (modernization/retrofit) projects for protecting Standard Buildings, Civil Defense Shelters, Critical Infrastructure, Government, Municipal, Industrial, and Private Facilities, Containers, Mobile Applications, and more.

Blast protective doors

Wide selection of Blast & Gastight Doors with various sizes and blast protection ratings for new projects (casting in concrete) or retrofit (integration in existing wall openings).

Blast doors designed to be installed on entrances/exits or evacuation openings of the shelter to protect the inner space from pressure wave created by blast outside and keep the airtightness of the shelter for CBRN protection. The doors can be equipped with additional splinter protection, penetrating radiation protection, automatic hydraulic mechanisms and additional features according to project specification. 


Typically Blast Protective Doors includes the following elements:

  • Door leaf -  covers the opening, perceives the force of the blast wave and transfers the blast load to the frame.

  • Door frame - receives the load from the door leaf and transfers it to the enclosing structures (wall or additional frame)

  • Locking mechanism - ensures hermeticity thanks to a special seal and prevents the door from opening under the influence of explosive loads. The hinges are part of the closing mechanism and are also designed to for explosive loads.

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