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We offer a wide selection of blast valves, blast dampers, overpressure valves, gastight valves and gas flow control valves for integration on air intake / exhaust openings, air duct and ventilation system.
The solutions we offer can be fitted to any new construction or retrofitted to existing (modernization/retrofit) projects for protecting Standard Buildings, Civil Defense Shelters, Critical Infrastructure, Government, Municipal, Industrial, and Private Facilities, Containers, Mobile Applications, and more.

Blast Valve operation principles

Wide selection of Blast Valves & Dampers for various opening sizes, airflow ranges and blast protection ratings.

Blast valves and blast dampers are normally open valves installed on ventilation openings or inside ventilation system for protecting the inner space of the shelter, room or structure from positive and negative blast pressure wave. Overpressure valves are normally closed valves designed to maintain the overpressure inside the protected area in predetermined values and can be blast protected.


Main specification to consider when choosing a Blast Valve or Blast Damper:

  • Blast Protection rating

  • Airflow range

  • Normally open / closed

  • Closing time

  • Compliance to Standard specifications

  • Size and Form

  • Type of connection to the wall and installation matrix 

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