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CBRN Filtration Systems for Small Shelters, Saferooms & Containers 

Atmas offers a wide range of solutions in the field of air supply and management, air filtration, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN / NBC) and toxic industrial (TIC) filtration, carbon dioxide (CO2) & carbon monoxide CO removal systems - scrubbers, oxygen (O2) supply systems, air quality monitoring and control, and more life-support systems for civil defense shelters, strategic infrastructure, industrial facilities and more.

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Shelter with SAFE 360_edited.jpg
Example of installation of SAFE 360 system in private shelter - saferoom 


Compact and efficient nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC/CBRN) filtration and ventilation system specially designed for small-medium size shelters, bunkers and saferooms. The system is designed to comply with the requirements of modern civil defense standards and provides a high level of protection from various threats, supplying fresh filtered air and creating an overpressure inside the shelter for preventing contamination from entering the toxic-free area (TFA).

  • Compact and Cost-Effective

  • High-Performance - up to 36m3 shelters, per one system (depending on the standard compliance)

  • Easy Installation for Retrofit or New Construction

  • Comply with the requirements of Civil Defense Standard SI4570 and others

  • Manual backup for constant operation even without an electric power supply

  • A complete set includes CBRN filter, electric blower, prefilter, blast valve and overpressure valve

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