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CBRN Decontamination Systems & Agents

CBRN Decontamination Agents and Systems for Shelters, Bunkers, Medical Facilities, Common Areas, Personnel, Equipment, Transport, Electronic Devices and Sensitive Equipment, Ground and more

We offer highly effective, nontoxic agents and advanced systems for complete decontamination and disinfection of various applications. The solutions are highly effective for the treatment of a wide range of threats like Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), Biological Warfare Agents (BWA), Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC), Nonconventional Toxic Agents (NTA) and Radiological & Nuclear Particles.


Our solutions can provide efficient and quick decontamination/detoxification treatment in case of chemical, biological, and radiological incident or attack and can be applicable for:
•    Shelters, bunkers and any common areas (buildings, medical and industrial facilities, etc.)
•    Personnel
•    Equipment (personal protective equipment, gear, systems, surfaces and more)
•    Transport (internal / external)
•    Electronic Devices and sensitive equipment
•    Ground
and other 

The Decontamination Agent Technology

At the core is a nontoxic, biodegradable, aqueous formulation with enhanced physical stability, enabling rapid mitigation and decontamination of chemical and biological agents, and hazardous materials. Original Sandia National Labs DF200 technology has been developed into the 3rd Gen version of the product line that includes various unique decontamination and disinfection products like:

•    Decontaminant (DF200 3rd Gen.) – advanced, ready-to-use, high-temperature-resistant and high-foaming 
•    Powder for mix with water (freshwater, sea or reaver water)
•    Decontaminating Laundry Detergent - neutralizes pepper spray and tear gas residue in a single laundry cycle. Free of dyes, fragrances, and brighteners

Main Advantages of the CBRN Agent we offer

•    Non-toxic agents that can be fogged, sprayed or foamed
•    Licensed technology from Sandia National Labs
•    The agent can be used with any type of existing decontamination systems/equipment (also from other companies)
•    Safe for use on various surfaces
•    Simple transportation, handling and storage
•    Bio-decontamination formulation highly effective for biological pathogens (test results against anthrax spores showed a 7-log reduction (99,99999%) in 15 minutes contact time)
•    Effective for disinfection and sterilization

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CBRN Decontamination Agents and Systems

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CBRN Decontamination Agents & Systems 

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Decontaminating Laundry Detergent

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