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Private Shelters & Safe Rooms

Private Shelters and Bunkers Options

If you are planning to build a new or modernize existing shelter, bunker, saferoom or other any other protective structure, as well as converting any space in your house or apartment into a protected space, we provide various solutions including threats consultancy, design, protective technology selection, supply and integration. Various modern technologies can be retrofitted in almost any space to provide protection from different threats like nuclear, biological, chemical attacks and emergencies, blast and explosions,  natural disasters, crime, fires, electromagnetic pulse, floods and more. We offer standard or custom made technologies and solutions that been tested and approved by various government and private bodies and can fit different requirements and budget.

There are several main shelter types when we are talking about private shelters. All of them serve the purpose of protecting people and equipment from various threats if they are a result of war, terror attack, natural or manmade disasters, accidents or other. It is important to emphasize that such shelters usually designed for specific threats or standards and can be integrated with various systems and technological solutions to be able to provide the required level of protection.


Main private shelters/bunker types:

1.    Underground bunkers – protective structures that are built under or near the building and usually can provide higher levels of protection from blast, ballistic threats, radiation and other due to the additional level of protection that is provided by the soil. 
2.    On-the-ground shelter – protective structures that are built at the location or delivered already prefabricated. Such shelter can protect from various threats but usually have to be more heavily reinforced to provide the same level of protection as an underground bunker.
3.    Shelters inside buildings or internal spaces – this type of shelter can be designed as part of the initial project or can be retrofitted in an already built structure by adding different technological protective solutions. In many cases such shelters are designed as dual-use spaces to allow everyday use. 

In all the options mentioned above, there are many factors that must be considered when approaching the design of such shelters and bunkers that will directly affect their protection capabilities and usability.

We provide a free consultation, contact us and we will be glad to assist you with your idea or a project.

Private shelter concept
Prefabricated shelters
Saferoom concept
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