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Disasters, whether caused by natural forces - like earthquakes, floods, or pandemic, or human forces - like war, terror, Cyber-attacks, or accidents, are nearly impossible to be prevented. However, the outcome of such disasters can be downscaled and managed significantly with proper planning and preparation. Outcome of such disasters may include significant loss of life, severe physical and mental effects on population and heavy burden on community and economics, as well as significant material losses, destruction of critical infrastructures and elementary services - from food or medical supply to traffic control.
Such disasters, if not adequately prepared for, can cause any nation a severe economic, psychological, and political crisis and cause instability in the country and region. Grim scenarios can range from hunger and mass displacement of residents, thru riots, looting and political shift by power and/or economic collapse and bankruptcies and can even result in war or armed conflict.

“Preparation is always better than panic”

A well-prepared nation with adequate Crises and Consequence Management system and planning and preparedness program - Community, Organization, Equipment and Training- can mitigate the effects of such events. 



IsraTeam experts are specialists in the research, planning, executing of Local, Regional, and National policy, strategy and implementation of Civil Defense, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Operational Continuity and National Resilience. IsraTeam brings to the project a group of relevant experts including the founders: 
Brig. Gen. (Res.) Avi Bachar- the architect of Israel’s national policy for emergency preparedness. Formerly Chairman of the Israeli National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), and former Chief of Staff of the IDF’s Home Front Command, as well as leader of numerous Israeli and International projects in these fields.
Col. (Res.) Yori Sofrin (Civ. Eng.)- Formerly the Head of Civil Protection Dept. in the IDF’s Home Front Command as well as leading and consulting in numerous National and International projects in the Emergency Preparedness, Defense/Critical infrastructures and Civil Defense projects. 
ATMAS-Tech is a specialist company in the field of Civil Protection of all aspects. Within our portfolio we offer Strategic Planning, Shelter Design, full Turn-Key shelter project, and all the required equipment -from CBRN protection/detection/decontamination solution, Blast protective doors and valves, pre-fabricated shelters, and even Structural Reinforcement and Renovation of old shelters.

“The goal of the comprehensive project is to establish and improve the Civil Defense System and the National Emergency Management Center (NEMC). And providing hands-on experience regarding civil Protection.”


Our team of national and international experts will analyze the threats, the current preparedness status, the best available solutions on the market and will create a strategic and operational plan and SOP's for National and Local preparedness and disaster mitigation implementation, as well as train the personnel to execute them.
The final part of the project would include a comprehensive plan, setting up - and /or improving the existing one - a National Emergency Management Center (NEMC), professional fully staffed, equipped, exercised and ready to respond to any emergency situation measured at world-class standards.
Our team together with the NEMC’s staff would train local units and agencies, wherever possible in order to utilize local teams and agencies in the above fields of expertise to optimize emergency preparedness, planning, training, and implementation. 


Project – Main milestones:

A - Study 
Conducting comprehensive study of existing threats, strategies, organizations, law, regulation, and capabilities of acting organizations. 
1.    Preparing a summary report and presenting the options for further activities of various issues.  Receiving feedback and priorities from the XXXX government to continue the process.
Estimated time for this task –3-2 months, involving 5-7 experts.

B-    Preparing National - Comprehensive Master Plan – and present it to Decision Makers
1.    Preparation of an Emergency National Policy - ENP, including regulation, organization, structure of the command chain and the main tasks of NEMC that would be approved by XXXX Government. 
2.    Design and develop of a comprehensive "Concept of Operation - COP" including Command, Control and Communication strategies.
3.    Recommendation of Civil Defense protective solutions for infrastructures and population to ensure adequate level of safety.
4.    Recommendation of a population training for civil defense program.
5.    Recommendation of C4I equipment, technology and facilities required to ensure optimal organizational capabilities.
6.    Preparation of cost estimate and regulations needed for the required investment and infrastructure and get Government approval.
    Estimated time for this task –4-6 months, involving 6-8 experts.

C - Implementation 
1.    Setting up the structural operation of NEMC national HQ.
2.    Establishment of the state-of-the-art C4I technologies and training the staff to act using the new technology and according to the new concept of operation. 
3.    Coordination of the NEMC with the various organizational tiers of local and national level. 
4.    Organize the various units and organizations, equipment and training, according to the Master Plan: Including: 
i.    Organize and prepare the “First responders”, Police and the armed forces .
ii.    Organize and Prepare the Hospitals and the EMS for handling Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). 
iii.    Search and Rescue Operation units.
iv.    CBRN special doctrine, units and equipment .
v.    Providing Humanitarian Aid for the population. 
vi.    Define and prepare solutions for interruption the supply of Electricity and Water, using advanced technologies.
vii.    Define the needed regulations to ensure Operational Continuity and DRP for the critical Infrastructure. 
viii.    Define and prepare the system to best establish communication with the Media and convey directives \ instructions to the population.    
5.    Planning and conducting of, Conferences, drills\exercises on all operational levels. Using advance technology for simulation. 
6.    Recommendations and outline of population training program and communication with the public in emergency.
7.    Publishing Civil Defense specifications for shelters and protective gear in dwellings and in commercial and public facilities.
         Estimated time for this task– 3-2 years.




The success of this program would the cooperation and synergy between all organizations, tools, and humans creating a prompt response to an unknown scenario and causing minimal damage to the nation, its infrastructures, economy, and population.
We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience and together with your knowledge and experience, prepare you for the unknown and establish your National Emergency Management and Resilience Plan.


For consulting and more information please contact our team: info@atmas-tech-com

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