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Concrete/composite prefabricated shelters

Prefabricated standalone shelters and protective structures are fast-deployable and effective solutions for protecting people and equipment from various threats created by war and terror attacks, crime, natural or manmade disasters, accidents or other. Such shelters can be designed according to customer requirements and comply with various civil defense standards. Prefabricated shelters are usually used in case there are no option to build a stationary shelter or a bunker or where a fast deployable solution is required (the production time and installation of prefabricated shelters are significantly shorter than building a standard shelter). Prefabricated shelters similar to standard shelters can be installed underground or on the ground and the main differences that the manufacturing made in the factory and not on the spot.    Prefabricated shelters can be made from concrete combined with composite or metal or completely from metal composites combined with various protective material (armored panels, ballistic liners, ballistic glass etc.).

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Prefabricated shelter civil defense inside outside view
Prefabricated shelters Kibo Atmas
Modular prefabricated shelters Atmas
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