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Bulletproof & Forced-entry Roller Shutters

Bulletproof and forced entry protected roller shutters for various protective, industrial, commercial and private applications

Atmas offers bulletproof and forced entry protected roller shutters that have tested and comply with various international ballistic standards among them American NIJ, European (EN-1522) and NATO (STANAG-4569).
The roller shutters are made from composite materials combining armored steel according to the project specifications, size and protection level. The shutters cam be equipped with electric motor for easy operation and can be a perfect solution for
private houses, governmental buildings, protected structures, airports, museums, datacenters, store and commercial areas, banks, shopping malls, shelters and safe rooms and more.
The shutters can have an esthetic finish of polished or brushed metal, wood and other options according to customers’ request.



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Bulletproof roller shutters
Bulletproof & Forced-entry Roller Shutters
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