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Schutzräume und Schutzstrukturen

Our offer:

  • Modern CBRN filters rpelacement to FP-200, FP-100, FP-300 (ФП-200, ФП-100, ФП-300)

  • ERV-72 2/3 ventilation blowers with manual backup (ЭРВ-72)

  • ERV-49 ventilation blowers with manual backup (ЭРВ-49)

  • MZS, UZS ventilation blast dampers (МЗС, УЗС)

  • Blast doors DU-VI, DU-III, DU-I (ДУ-VI, ДУ-III, ДУ-I)

  • Blast hatches SU-VI, SU-III, SU-I (СУ-VI, СУ-III, СУ-I)

  • Gas tight valves


Renovation and modernization of old shelters require a lot of knowledge, experience and the right equipment.  


There are hundreds of thousands of shelters still left from the 70s of the last century. Most of them have not been in use or maintained as the governments, municipalities and industrial entities did not financed it and the facilities in most cases have been neglected. Most of the shelters in Eastern and Central Europe, Baltic States and Central Asia were built according similar standards and have a unique equipment which are not reachable anymore for most of the countries.


Atmas together with its partners have designed and manufacture a unique kits which includes modern replacements for this type of shelters and can offer a complete set of systems and components along with project support services including consultancy, facilities inspection , structural design, equipment selection, supply and integration support, testing, commissioning and more.

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