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Security / Fire Doors & Walls

Blast Proof / Ballistic / Forced Entry / Fire Rated Security Doors & Walls

Atmas together with our partners involved in design, manufacturing and installation of protective, security and fireproof doors, safe rooms, strong rooms, vaults, etc.

Our clients are: High security facilities, civil defence organizations, banks, embassies, post offices, ministries, government and commercial companies, legal subjects, as well as individuals.

Our suppliers have ISO 9001 Certificate – Quality management system ISO 9001 and a member of "ESSA - European Security Systems Association, Frankfurt/Main" (
As well as, EUROPEAN SAFETY CERTIFICATE (EN1143-1) for strong room doors, issued by the authorized European house “ECB-S – Germany” and EUROPEAN CERTIFICATE FOR SECURITY (EN 1627) for Security doors, issued by „ECB-S – Germany“. In addition, has successfully passed the tests for bulletproof protection on doors, walls and windows according the European bulletproof standards EN1522. The tests were made in one of the most famous German laboratories Beschussamt Ulm, under surveillance of the ECB-S team. With this, became the 1-st ECB-S Certificate holder for the following products.


Safes, cabinets, deposit safes, weapon safes, cash transfer safes, vaults and vault doors, security doors, as well as fireproof equipment (safes, cabinets, doors etc.)

Our partners have their own service team, which is professionally trained for installation and solving any kinds of maintenance subjects connected with the functionality of our products.

Our Offer

Bulletproof walls and doors

We offer a wide selection of custom designed doors as well as wall covers and complete bulletproof rooms with different levels of protection according the standard EN 1522 (for example FB 4 NS, FB 4+ NS, FB 6 NS and others)

Bulletproof doors and walls can be made in different dimensions, according the customer requirements and include ballistic glass or made from steel and composite material for providing the required level of protection and reach the weigh and functionality specifications.

This type of products are used by government organizations, commercial companies and private customers for various purposes like safe / panic rooms, shelters, cash transferers, banks, government institutions, change offices and more.

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SV_FB_6__1_bulletproof door
Security Doors

We offer custom designed doors for various uses manufactured in compliance with the European standard for security EN 1627, which is confirmed by a European certificate, issued by ECB-S


The doors made with use of high quality steel sheets and profiles supplied with door accessories from world leading manufacturers like Assa Abloy and others

Usually for extra security the locking mechanism includes safety lock which locks the door in a several points to the frame and wall.  

Inside the doors filled with sound isolation plates and has a dual sealing with rubber tape and have aesthetic finish - metal, PVC or wooden cover for PVC skin imitation – wood – plain color – aluminum – stainless steel etc.

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Security Entrance System (SAS)

The Security Entrance System (SAS) designed for secured and controlled access to the facility and can be equipped with various security and protective features. 

The SAS can be designed to comply with European security standard EN 1627 in classes WK2 – WK6 and standard EN 1522 FB2 – FB6 (bulletproof).

The frame is made from high quality steel profiles and covered with decorative AL profiles. Doors and side walls integrated with security ballistic glass according to standard EN 1063 In classes BR2 – BR6 depending on the requirements and the protection level.

The cabin can be equipped with various features including light alarm, emergency buttons for entrance and exit or controlled from external control / access panel by the security personnel, inside the cabin, there is a presence sensor. In addition, the unit can be integrated with backup power source (battery), for cases of interruption in the electric power supply.

The system has a complete entrance / exit blocking button as well as an emergency exit option, which can be automatically turned-on through the fireproof central or external control panel in case of fire or other emergency. When this function is on, people can exit freely outside, but can’t enter the facility.

The doors are usually equipped with electromagnetic locks (that keep force of up to 1000 kg.) and additional mechanical locks for security.

Other options are available by request like intercom system, metal detectors, face recognition and other options.


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Fireproof Doors (EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120, EI180) 
  • Fireproof Metal & Doors Glass Doors (EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120, EI180)

  • Can be combined with security, blast and ballistic features

  • Radiation restriction option can be added


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