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Law Enforcement & Crime Scene Investigation Equipment

Drugs and Explosives Detection and Identification Tests, Portable Sniffers and other equipment for Law Enforcement and Crime Scene Investigation

Drug and Explosives Detection & Identification Tests and Equipment. Such test kits and other solutions that widely used by law enforcement, police, military, medical, border control, customs, airports, prisons and private customers all around the world. In addition, we offer Gas Detection and Air Quality Control and Management Systems for Shelters, Emergency and Industrial applications.

Law enforcement
Drugs catch
IDENTA Drug general screeneng test

Drugs Detection and Identification Tests "Cusper"

Portable Sniffer - Drugs and Explosives

Portable Sniffers for Drugs & Explosives Detection

Blood Detection Kit "PBDK"

Blood Detection Kit "PBDK"

IDENTA Explosives general screeneng test

Explosives Detection and Identification Tests "Cusper"

Bullet-Hole Testing Kits and Equipment for Crime Scenes "BTK"

Bullet-hole Testing Kits "Btk"

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