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Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete and Composite Shelters, Bunkers, Safe Rooms and Panic Rooms

We offer a wide range of solutions in the areas of prefabricated stand-alone shelters, safe rooms, escape rooms and other protective structures which are fast-deployable and effective solutions for protecting people and equipment from various threats created by war and terror attacks, crime, natural or manmade disasters, accidents or other.

Prefabricated Shelters & Protected Spaces


KIBO Shelter, designed as a garden house

Prefabricated Composite Stand-alone Shelters


Atmas offer a highly secured prefabricated, transportable, blast, ballistic & forced entry rated shelters (safe rooms) with integrated security & life-support systems.
The design can be discrete as a garden house, storage facility or any other design for not standing out and draw attention in the property.

Safe Rooms are designed as short stay emergency 'panic' rooms to provide immediate and rapid protection from armed threats. They are constructed using the standard Kibo focus military specification ballistic resistant units but finished with a timber cladding to both disguise the purpose of the building and to enable it to blend in with a domestic environment, be it a garden, yard or farm. It is designed not to be easily identified and therefore should not attract immediate attention from attackers. The buildings can come with preinstalled electric supply system / solar power, water, VHF/UHF antenna, lightening protection, CBRN filtration system and other protection, safety and life-support equipment. If required they can also be fitted with a WC, air conditioning and a full electrical distribution installation.

Together with our partner KIBO Cabins, world leading manufacturer of security structures, Atmas presents specially designed blast, ballistic, forced entry and CBRN protected shelter

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Modular Safe Room / Panic Room

Our Safe Room is a heavy duty structure made of steel panels 6mm thick which are bolted together (from inside by lock bolts) and is fully modular, with option to add or remove the modules for making the shelter larger or smaller according to requirements. It is also possible to disassemble the shelter for transportation and reassemble it in other location.

Why to have a Safe Room:

  • Home invasion / crime / violence 

  • Terror or war related threats

  • Weather related threats

  • Weapon storage

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Modular Safe room / panic room


Reinforced concrete fallout shelters

Prefabricated Concrete Shelters

Atmas offer various options for prefabricated concrete casted shelters and protective structures that are made as a prefabricated modules that can be connected together or prefabricated plates for creating a complete shelter.

Main Advantages

In-house design

Fast installation
High level of protection from blast, ballistic and Radiation effects
High security
Our products are protected by a patent for a utility model and a certificate of compliance with the standard in accordance with DBN B.2.2-5: 2023 "Civil Defense Structures".

Prefabricated modular underground shelters and bunkers

We offer our customers various options based on predesigned as well as custom designed projects of modular prefabricated shelters for underground or on the ground placement.

Such shelter consist of one, several or even tens of modules with different purposes including living space, airlocks, decontamination chambers, toilets, kitchens and many other options. The entrance for the underground modules can be specially designed with protection, security equipment as well as fitted for accessible approach.

Such shelters can be designed according to customers project requirements and according to local or international standards for protection.


Modular underground shelters

Such shelters can have a high level of protection from blast, ballistic, security, weather and other level of threats and can be adapted to customer specific requirements or different security, safety and civil defense standards.

Prefabricated shelters are good solutions in case there are no option to build a stationary shelter or a bunker or where a fast deployable solution is required (the production time and installation of prefabricated shelters are significantly shorter than building a standard shelter). Prefabricated shelters similar to standard shelters can be installed underground or on the ground and the main advantage is the manufacturing which made in the factory and not on the spot. Prefabricated shelters can be made from concrete, composites, metal or any other combination with various protective material (armored panels, ballistic liners, ballistic glass etc.) based on protection level and requirements .

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