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Schutzräume und Schutzstrukturen

We have all the solutions for your construction, modernization and protection improvement projects.​

  • Consultancy and site inspection

  • Structural design, blast analysis and planning 

  • Equipment selection, supply and integration support

  • Testing and commissioning

  • and more...

Systems and equipment for residential shelters, private bunkers, VIP shelters and safe rooms

Residential shelters can be shelters inside the apartments or buildings that were designed and built as part of the initial building plan or retrofitted with various protective solutions after the construction is made. Such shelters usually have reinforced concrete structure or can be added special reinforced frames to convert them into protected space. Modern technologies allow us to convert almost any structure into protected shelter even if they are made from bricks or light concrete panels.
The main advantage of such residential shelters that are part of the apartment or private house is their accessibility and readiness for immediate use in case of emergency or attack. Another advantage is their privacy, while the common shelter is usually shared with other people in common buildings, apartment shelters intended for individuals or a family.  
Atmas offers state of the art, certified, compact and cost-effective technologies and solutions for such type shelters. Our experts will be glad to assist with selection of the right solution according the requirements and the budget of each project.

Solutions for Residential Shelters, Safe Rooms, Small Bunkers, Chambers and other Applications
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