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Shelter Equipment and Protected Spaces


Atmas provides a comprehensive range of solutions for construction, modernization and protection improvements for any type and size of civil defence shelters, bomb shelters, government, industrial and private bunkers, safe rooms, prefabricated shelters and other protective structures.

Besides the construction of new and modernization of existing shelters, modern technological solutions we are offering allow to convert buildings, apartments, rooms, parking lots, storage spaces and other common use areas into shelters.

Shelters and Protective Structures

There are various types of protective structures – civil defense shelters, bomb shelters, government and industrial bunkers, private shelters, saferooms, and others that are serving the purpose of protecting people and equipment in emergencies. 
Emergencies can be terror attacks, conventional or unconventional warfare (rockets, artillery, ballistic threats, bullets and fragments, blast, CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear & explosions)), crime and violence, accidents with explosions, release of toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, air contamination) and other threats.


Applicable Civil Defense Standards and Protection Requirements 

Shelters can be designed according to national civil defense standards or/and local construction norms, there are only several countries that have functioning national standards among them Finland, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, Ukraine and several more. 
In countries where national civil defense standard is not defined or functioning, there may be construction norms applicable or specific requirements must be met.
In case of the private property, the customer usually can define own requirements and choose from various available options for construction, modernization and protection improvements based on their own specification including protection level, shelter size, number of people, location, environmental conditions, response time and other factors. 
It is important to take into consideration specific threats and regional conditions for example if the location of the planned shelter near strategic facilities (military bases, government facilities, critical infrastructure, command and control centers, storages or others important facilities) that are usually targeted directly in case of a conflict, as well location near chemical plants, hazardous facilities, nuclear power plants (NPPs), forests with risk of fires, rivers with risks of floods and more.      
Atmas professional team after careful evaluation of the customers’ requirements, threats and conditions will be glad to provide the most suitable, comprehensive and cost-effective solution.   


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