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Security Structures

Prefabricated Shelters, Guard Houses, Sentry Boxes, Security Rooms, Command and Control Centers, Border Posts, Watch Towers.

Prefabricated security structures is an effective solution for security and protection and can be used as shelters and escape rooms, guard houses and sentry boxes, fast deployable command and control centers, watch towers and more uses in military, rescue, guarding, security, storage, monitoring, communication and other missions. It is a versatile and practical solution for various applications that can be delivered and deployed at any location. Such structures can provide protection for people and equipment in various situations including terror attacks, war actions, law enforcement and crime, industrial explosions and accidents, as well as offering protection from extreme environmental conditions.

Protective structures can be bulletproof with high protection level from various ballistic threats like bullets, fragments and more, and can be integrated with various protective, security and life-support systems including HVAC, NBC air filtration, firefighting equipment, communication, and more. The advantages of such prefabricated structures are the manufacturing time in comparison to stationary units as well as the possibility to deliver and move them to different locations if required. The units delivered fully assembled and can be operational in a very short time.

Atmas provides solutions that have been tested and widely used around the world by government, law enforcement, military, embassies, and industrial and private customers as shelters, guard houses, sentry boxes, security rooms, command and control centers, border posts, watch towers and more. In addition, we offer various other security and emergency response solutions – bulletproof shields, modular prefabricated shelters, safe havens and refuge chambers for mining and petrochemical industries, and more.


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Protected Guard Houses & Sentry Boxes

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Prefabricated shelters & Safe rooms

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Watch Towers & Elevated Platforms


Sentry Boxes on Mobile Platform

Collage guard houses and prefabricated buildings

Protective guard houses

Protected Guard Houses & Sentry Boxes

Our protected guard houses are ballistic / blast and forced entry resistant buildings designed to protect people from various threats while they on duty (police, army, security, embassies guards etc.).


The units are designed to provide protection to guards who may need to retreat to a secure building if threatened but who will probably spend most of his time outside.


Standard Features of Kibo focus ballistic resistant building:

Units can be fitted with WC, beds and small kitchen
Same designs used for permanent and portable applications
Mobile and lightweight air-portable versions which can be slung under helicopters
Shooting ports
Corner flood lights
Reflective, splinter proof windows
Inter-phone (P.A system)
Power points
First Aid pack

and other options

Watch Towers & Elevated Platforms

We offer a large verity of designs and options for watch towers and elevated platforms for use in borders, perimeter protection, highly secured facilities, prisons and many other applications. In many cases the guard houses are placed on custom designed elevated platforms in other cases the towers can be integrated in containers or prefabricated structures.

Usually such solutions are custom made for a specific purpose.

KIBO guard tower

Elevated protected buildings


Protective guard houses

Sentry Boxes on Mobile Platform

Mobile Sentry Boxes are designed to be used for rapid or easy deployment (crane/truck free) on military or CNI locations as well as for use at large public gatherings – political rallies, mass entertainment events, for example, or for other temporary short term applications. Both Kf1 and Kf2 models can be trailer mounted and towed by regular 4×4 vehicles or light trucks.

Prefabricated shelters & Safe rooms

We specialize in prefabricated stand-alone shelters, safe rooms, escape rooms, panic rooms and other protective structures which are fast-deployable and effective solutions for protecting people and equipment from various threats created by war and terror attacks, crime, natural or manmade disasters, accidents or other.

Such shelters can have a high level of protection from blast, ballistic, security, weather and other level of threats and can be adapted to customer specific requirements or different security, safety and civil defense standards.

Prefabricated shelters are good solutions in case there are no option to build a stationary shelter or a bunker or where a fast deployable solution is required (the production time and installation of prefabricated shelters are significantly shorter than building a standard shelter). Prefabricated shelters similar to standard shelters can be installed underground or on the ground and the main advantage is the manufacturing which made in the factory and not on the spot. Prefabricated shelters can be made from concrete, composites, metal or any other combination with various protective material (armored panels, ballistic liners, ballistic glass etc.) based on protection level and requirements .


Prefabricates shelters

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