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NBC, CBRN, CO2 and CO air filters

Atmas offers a wide range of air filters for air filtration and ventilation systems designed for civil defense shelters, industrial facilities and other applications  that comply with requirements of various international civil defense standards and can be modified to fit customer's special requirements.​ The standard line of filters designed for removing from air nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) materials and particles, toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), carbon dioxide (CO2) and more.

The filters typically consist of two main parts to allow filtration of different elements and materials:
1.    Mechanical filtration part by HEPA / ULPA filter
2.    Adsorption by special activated carbon / adsorbent

Standard line of filters​

  • Our standard line of filters include filters for the following airflows: 36, 100, 180, 240, 300, 450, 600, 900, 1200, 1800 m3/h (CMH).

  • Comply with requirements of various modern international standards

  • Can be integrated in standard, specially designed or retrofitted to existing CBRN Filtration Systems

  • Several filters can be connected in filter banks for creating extra large airflow filtration volume and capacity and

Eastern Europe type NBC / CO2 filters 

As an example, many shelters in Eastern Europe are still integrated with old type of filtration units that require specific type of NBC filters / CO2 Filters (ФПУ-200, ФП-300, РП-100, and other). We offer a modern upgraded version of these filters that allow simple replacement of old filters without the need to replace the complete filtration system (in case it is operational). Together with the filters we can offer a complete set of connecting air duct, blowers, valves and required equipment for assembly of the complete system. 

Collage NBC filters Arconik_edited.jpg

Standard NBC/CO2 filters

Eastern Europe NBC filters 400

Eastern Europe NBC/CO2 filters

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