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CBRN/NBC/TIC/CO2/CO & Special Carbon Filters for Modern and Old Type Air Filtration Systems

We have all the solutions for your air filtration and ventilation system in new or existing facilities.​

  • CBRN/NBC Filters certified to SI 4570 standard

  • CBRN/NBC filters for Eastern Europe type filters (modern type)

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) filters and cartridges for air regeneration systems

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) filters and cartridges

  • Special carbon filters - can be designed to comply with various standards and customers requirements

  • HEPA, UPLA and dust filters (prefilters) 

and more...

Standard and custom made NBC, CBRN, TIC, CO2, CO and other types of air filters for shelters, bunkers and industrial facilities filtration and ventilation systems. 

Atmas offers a wide range of air filters for air filtration and ventilation systems designed for civil defense shelters, industrial facilities and other applications  that comply with requirements of various international civil defense standards and can be modified to fit customer's special requirements.​ We provide various types of filters designed for a specific or a wide spectrum of purposes like filtering the air nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) materials and particles, toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), dust and more.

Our Selection of Special Filters for Ventilation & CBRN Filtration Systems and Filters for Shelters and Protective Facilities

AFU Series CBRN Filters 

Modern CBRN filters SI 4570 Certified

Our standard line of CBRN filters are certified according to standard SI 4570 (Air Ventilation And Filtration Systems For Shelters And Protected Spaces Part 3, Filters)


AFU CBRN filters line:

  • AFU 36

  • AFU 180

  • AFU 300

  • AFU 400

  • AFU 600

  • AFU 900

  • AFU 1200

  • AFU 1800

The CBRN filters typically consist of two main parts to allow filtration of different elements and materials:

  • Mechanical filtration part by HEPA / ULPA filter

  • Adsorption by special activated carbon / adsorbent


  • Comply with requirements of various modern international standards

  • Filters AFU 180, AFU 300, AFU 400, AFU 600 can be installed vertically or horizontally on the wall or the floor

  • Can be integrated in standard or specially designed filtration and ventilation systems

  • Several filters can be connected in filter banks for creating extra large airflow filtration volume and capacity

Can old type CBRN systems be upgrades with modern AFU CBRN filters? The answer is yes, see below:
Replacement matrix for Eastern Europe type CBRN filtration systems
Modernized Eastern Europe Type CBRN / CO2 Filters 

Special replacement filters designed to fit Eastern Europe type systems components

Eastern Europe type filters integrated in old type of filtration units which uses specific type of CBRN filters / CO2 Filters (ФПУ-200, ФП-300, РП-100, and other).

Atmas has designed and manufacturing a modern upgraded version of these filters that allow simple replacement of old filters without the need to replace the complete filtration system (in case it is operational). Together with the filters we can offer a complete set of connecting air duct, blowers, valves and required equipment for assembly of the complete system. 

CO2 / CO Filters​ for MineArc Systems

Special replacement filters designed to fit Eastern Europe type systems components

Specially designed carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) filter for MineArc CO2 / CO removal systems scrubbers

CO Filters​

Special filters designed to fit Eastern Europe and other type systems 

Basic Information

Regenerative filters AFU-CO 200 Removal are intended
for removing carbon monoxide (CO) from the air in civil
defense shelters and other buildings and facilities, as
part of a filter system or large filter banks
▪ Elevated levels of CO can lead to poisoning and
subsequent suffocation with death in situations where
persons are in unventilated spaces that may be smoky
as a result of some extraordinary event, such as fires,
industrial accidents, natural disasters, war situations,
and others.


AFU-CO 200 Removal filters are catalytic collective filters for removing carbon
monoxide (CO) from the air using a catalysis process through a Hopkalite insert.
▪ Hopkalite filling converts the carbon monoxide contained in the air to carbon dioxide
without the consumption of a catalyst and also converts ozone to atmospheric oxygen.
▪ Filters have a long service life, are regenerable and reusable, which significantly reduces
their operating costs.

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