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Areas of Operation 

Atmas Group is a globally operating company, specialized in supply of products and project support services in the areas of civil defence shelters and protective structures, facilities CBRN, blast, ballistic, forced entry and EMP protection, security and emergency response. We are a customer-oriented company with a mission to provide our partners and clients around the world with advanced, professional and cost-effective solutions, tailored to their needs.

Shelters & Protective Structures

We offer customers various project support services for new construction or modernization of existing civil defense shelters, bunkers, bomb shelters, saferooms, panic rooms and other structures designed for protecting people and equipment in case of war, terror attacks, natural or manmade disasters, technogenic accidents, crimes and other. 
Together with our partners, consultants and subcontractors we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that can include consultation, facility inspection, threat analysis, adaptation to requirements of international standards, structural design, technology selection, project supervision, planning and drawings, supply and integration of equipment, simulations and testing, checks (structure sealing, pressure test, functional test, etc.), commissioning and more.

Civil defence shelter
Prefabricated shelters Atmas
Blast protection upgrade building
Facilities Protection Upgrade

We offer consultancy and various technological solutions for reinforcement and protection improvements (blast, ballistic, structural reinforcement, forced entry, EMP and more) for critical infrastructure, government, industrial and private facilities, schools, hospitals, kindergartens as well as standard buildings and common spaces, underground parking, staircases, meeting rooms, rooms in the house or apartments and more. 
We can convert almost any space into a shelter.

Security and Law Enforcement

Atmas has a wide portfolio of security products and solutions that we offer to our government, defense, municipal, commercial and private customers around the world. The portfolio includes prefabricated security buildings and shelters, protective vehicle barriers, bulletproof shields, protective equipment, explosives and drug identification tests and sniffers, crime scene investigation equipment and more.  

Protected Guard posts
CBRN Decontamination process
Emergency Preparedness & Response 

Atmas offers a broad range of technological solutions for safety, emergency preparedness and response and protection of people and equipment. 
We are focusing on the following fields: 
•    CBRN decontamination and disinfection solutions - CBRN decontamination agents and systems for shelters, bunkers, medical facilities, common areas, personnel, equipment, transport, electronic devices and sensitive equipment, ground and more.
•    Water barriers for emergency situations like floods, oil spills, chemical contamination or temporary storage of water of hazardous materials.
•    Special materials for oil spills treatment and deactivation of chemicals
•    Fire suppressants for oil-based materials fires
•    Disinfection and treatment of water
and more fields

National Resilience, Civil Defense, Emergency Preparedness Programs

We offer consultancy and practical solutions in the fields of emergency management including planning and strategy implementation, building disaster response plans (DRP), multi-level planning, training, and exercising and more in the following fields:
•    Civil defense, emergency management, homeland security (HLS), operational continuity, and national resilience
•    National emergency preparedness (natural, manmade, terror events, wars, pandemics, cyber-attacks, etc.
•    Infrastructure resilience and security - government, municipal, industrial, and private sectors.

Fire Station Interior
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