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Project Support Services for Construction, Modernization and reinforcement of Shelters, Bunkers and Protective Facilities

We have all the solutions for your construction, modernization and protection improvement projects.​

  • Consultancy and site inspection

  • Structural design, blast analysis and planning 

  • Equipment selection, supply and integration support

  • Testing and commissioning

  • and more...

Atmas offers various project support services, providing a complete range of solutions from design phase to commissioning.

We offer our customers and partners around the world various project support services for construction, modernization and protection improvements of civil defense shelters, bunkers, bomb shelters, saferooms, panic rooms and other structures designed for protecting people and equipment in case of war, terror attacks, natural or manmade disasters, technogenic accidents, crimes and other.

Together with our partners, consultants and subcontractors we offer a comprehensive range of solutions that can include consultation, facility inspection, threat analysis, adaptation to requirements of international standards, structural design, technology selection, project supervision, planning and drawings, supply and integration of equipment, simulations and testing, checks (structure sealing, pressure test, functional test, etc.), commissioning and more.

Types of projects we are focusing on:

  • Civil defense shelters - from several occupants to thousands of occupants capacity

  • Highly protected bunkers

  • Residential and private shelters, safe rooms and panic rooms

  • Critical infrastructure and facilities protection upgrade

  • Storage facilities and commercial spaces protection

  • Data centers

and more...

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Project Examples

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