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Gas Detection & Air Quality Monitoring

Stationary & Portable Gas Detection and Monitoring Systems

Stationary and Portable Gas Detection and Monitoring Systems

Gas monitoring is an essential for maintaining a life supporting atmosphere within the shelter. During the stay, occupants consume oxygen and expire carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) as part of their normal respiration. CO can also enter the chamber during occupant entry and if the compressed air intake is compromised. Closely monitoring gas levels in the shelter allows occupants to take corrective actions to maintain a safe and inhabitable environment. 

Our Offer

Fixed Digital Gas Monitoring System

Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System is a fixed gas monitoring unit, designed specifically for use in shelters, safe rooms and safe havens.
Major advantage of Aura-FX that it provides a more convenient solution for gas monitoring with ability
to individually monitor up to 11 gases, plus the temperature inside the protected space, via a series of user-friendly digital screens.
Aura-FX unit equipped with voice alarms and will indicate the occupants when they should replace the CO2 / CO filters or adjust oxygen supply. The unit can be easily retrofitted to most existing shelters. 
Aura-FX is available as a Rack Mount for up to 11 gas sensors or for up to 3 gases in its reduced model.

Optional Detectors:

  1. Oxygen (O2)

  2. Carbon Monoxide (CO)

  3. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

  4. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

  5. Ammonia (NH2)

  6. Chlorine (Cl)

  7. Methane (CH4)

  8. Nitric Oxide (NO)

  9. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

  10. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Standard Features

  • Real-time gas monitoring with live analysis

  • Triple gas monitoring as standard, with option to monitor up to 11 gases if required

  • Internal chamber monitoring, with option to test external atmosphere if required

  • Intuitive scrolling digital display shows gas level trends

  • Audible alarm and instructional voice prompts for procedures

  • Ethernet connectivity allows remote monitoring over the network

  • Secure, anti-theft in-built design

  • Reduced risk of human error

  • Greater servicing efficiency and cheaper replacement parts compared to other digital gas monitors

portable-gas-detector hand_web.jpg
Handheld Gas Detection - Portable Units

Digital Hand-Held Gas Monitoring System - Designed to individually monitor up to 6 gases via a portable, user-friendly device.

The Aura-PT hand-held gas detector has been designed to provide underground personnel with the ability to
continuously monitor gas levels within their immediate surroundings.
Available in two, four and six gas models, the Aura-PT has been specifically engineered for industrial environments; resulting in a robust, easy to use unit that can be relied upon at all times.
The Aura-PT ensures that personnel are instantly aware of increasing gas levels during an emergency, with the ability to transmit readings to the surface in real-time when used in conjunction with the GuardIAN Intelligence Network.
Aura-PT can also be used as a redundancy during re-entry, allowing personnel to easily and accurately monitor gas levels. 


  • Monitor up to six gases at any one time, with visual and vibration alerts

  • Intuitive digital display

  • Dedicated, reliable sensors specific for use in industrial environments

  • Reduced calibration and replacement costs

  • Removable belt clip for easy handling

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