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Shelter Conversion Kit

Tested and certified technology of modular composite structures for converting any room into saferoom / shelter

Shelter reinforcement systems designed for retrofit or new projects for upgrading the protection level of rooms or structures against blast, ballistic and forced entry threats. These systems have been tested and approved for use by government and private organizations and provide high levels of protection and safety.
The systems can include walls and ceiling protection, blast proof door (special design opens inside for easier retrofit in existing structures), blast and ballistic window covers and other unique composite components.


Protection capabilities:

  • Blast protection - live tested and can withstand high blast loads

  • Ballistic/fragments protection - live tested with optional additional upgrade to the highest levels

  • Forced Entry – Can be upgraded up to FE-60

  • Additional reinforcement against earthquake destructive effects


Product Advantages:

  • Live tested in real case event against rocket attacks

  • Fast installation

  • Can be covered to provide a visual look of a standard room

  • Modular structure adapted to project that can be sent as a ready for installation kit

  • Cost effective compared to alternatives

  • Can be integrated with blast proof doors, windows and other shelter components


Shelter conversion kit.

Converting a standard room info a saferoom and live blast test

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