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Flood Protection Barriers 

Flood protection barriers H2O
Rapid H2O Flood Protection Barriers – “Fight Water with Water”

Rapid H2O water barriers is a professional and cost-effective solution for emergency situations like floods, oil spills, chemical contamination or temporary storage of water of hazardous materials - no complicated logistics, no heavy machinery, extra fast deployment at minimum resources.

If you need to protect critical infrastructure, vital transport ways, or any property from upcoming water, Rapid H2O water barriers is the solution for the mission. This emergency response system doesn’t require complicated logistics or heavy machinery, can be deployed everywhere in a very short time even after basic training and with minimum resources.
Unlike the expression "fight fire with fire", fighting water with water is not only expression, it is a game changing solution. To fix the barriers you need to fill them with water that will be plenty of them in the location.


Main Advantages:

1.    No complicated logistics – foldable and compact units can be delivered from the nearest storage by most of the commercial vehicles.
2.    No heavy machinery – deployment and assembly can be done by several people without special tools. The brilliance of any special use system is the simplicity of use and Rapid H2O combines simplicity together with efficiency to the field.
3.    Fast-deployment – the deployment and assembly can be done in minutes, making this a practical solution for emergency response to floods or other events. 
4.    Minimum resources – low-cost technological solution combined with the first two points makes this system affordable to any emergency response organization, municipalities, army units, industrial facilities and even private customers that would like to protect their assets in case of flood event.

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