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School Shelter

Pictures from recently finalized civil defense shelter project with integration of Atmas equipment.

Warehouse Ukraine Atmas

Atmas opens a new warehouse in Kyiv, Ukraine

Nordic & Atmas Cooperation Norway civil defence

Atmas & Nordic Shelter will cooperate in norway & other markets

Private shelter home CBRN and Blast protected

Atmas introducing new NBC filtration system for shelters and saferooms

Atmas and QMI civil defense UAE cooperation

QMI and Atmas will cooperate in civil defense shelters sector in UAE

Inspection of civil defense shelters

Atmas partner company now performing inspection of  shelters 

Atmas NeoSan Labs CBRN decontamination

NeoSan Labs & Atmas will offer decontamination solutions worldwide

Portable Escape Room.PNG

Presenting new portable bulletproof escape chambers - shelters

Private undergraund bunker entrance

Finalizing the construction of another underground shelter

Retrofit of blast valve wall

Retrofit installation of blast valves in civil defense shelters

Dual use underground shelter design

Atmas participating in design of large dual-use civil defense shelter

Private bunker retrofit blast doors and NBC filtration system

Atmas finalizing upgrade project of underground private shelter

shelter construction

Atmas will supply protective systems for new civil defense shelter project 

Blat doors for bunkers and shelters

Atmas team finalizes another shelter renovation project in Ukraine

Kibo Canins CBRN filtration System

Atmas air filtration systems will be integrated in Kibo's  structures

Shipment CBRN Filtration systems Japan

Atmas delivers filtration systems to Japanese customer 


Atmas supplies another batch of blast doors for shelters in Ukraine

Ibatech and Atmas civil defense cooperation Spain

IBATECH & Atmas will offer together shelter solutions in Spain

Modular underground Shelter Atmas

Atmas will start production of modular shelters in Ukraine

Retrofit blast protection solutions

New article: How to convers standard room to protected shelter/bunker

Blast Door installation.PNG

Installation of heavy blast  gastight doors in new civil defense shelter

On the ground Shelter with Gabion radiation and blast protection

Project of design of blast, ballistic & radiation protected shelter

Underground shelter construction

Atmas will supply protection solutions for new shelter project

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