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Facilities Reinforcement and Protection Upgrade


Atmas provides various options for reinforcement and protection upgrade for shelters and bunkers, secured facilities, data centers, critical infrastructure, industrial buildings and more.
We offer a wide selection of systems and products that can be retrofitted and integrated in the buildings and structures as additional layers of protection to upgrade their protection from blasts and explosions, CBRN, ballistic, forced entry, rocket and artillery attacks, different ballistic threats, crime events and other threats related to war, terror attacks, industrial accidents and natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, etc.).

Modern Protective Solutions

​Modern protective solutions which we offer is an effective way to upgrade protection capabilities of new or existing structures (retrofit) and can include protection of complete buildings and facilities or their separate components including generator rooms, storage spaces, rooms, staircases, walls, windows, doors, service and ventilation openings and more. Our offer includes blast proof doors, gates and hatched, blast and ballistic windows, composite reinforcement frames, composite armour panels, blast mitigation fabrics, blast, ballistic and forced-entry resistant louvers and other professional products.

Such solutions can be implemented for protection of critical infrastructure, government, industrial and commercial buildings and facilities, office and apartment buildings, storage and manufacturing, parking spaces, airports, embassies, police stations, security structures, guard posts, command, control and communication centers, and industrial facilities, apartment and office buildings, private houses, civil defense shelters, safe rooms and more.

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