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Light Composite Armour

Composite Armor Panels for Buildings and Facilities Protection

Composite armor panels is a professional and cost effective solution for protection of buildings, walls and structures against ballistic, blast and forced entry threats. Such type of solutions is ideal for retrofit integration and protection upgrade project of government, industrial and private buildings, embassies, police stations, security buildings, courtrooms, law enforcement applications, command and control rooms, mobile homes, containers, safe rooms and shelters, banks, strongrooms and more.


Protection features:

  • Ballistic resistance (up to EN 1063 BR6)

  • Blast resistance (Up to 400 PSI*MSEC)

  • Durable and impact resistant

  • Forced entry rated (L- IV ASTM F1233-98)

  • Fire rated - 1 hour (ASTM E119-00)

  • Provides additional electrical insulation

Product advantages:

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Can be used to cover walls, doors, desks and any place which require protection

  • Easy installation - can be fitted into steel frames just like standard drywall panels.

  • Lightweight, easy to cut, drilled, sanded, painted, textured using ordinary tools and are compatible with other wood and other common materials.


Light composite armour for buildings

Installation options of composite armour

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