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Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMPP)

Electromagnetic Pulse / Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) Protection Solutions

We offer advanced Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMP) solutions for Shelters, Bunkers, Command and Control Centers, Datacenters, Containers, Critical Infrastructure, Government, Industrial, Commercial, Medical and Private Buildings and Facilities, as well as various options for EMP Shielded Cabinets and Containers.
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is mainly known as a product of a nuclear explosion, but sometimes it is known as a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP). The purpose of Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMPP) is to prevent electromagnetic pulses from disrupting and destroying electronic equipment. For this, we provide various systems as well as complete solutions that include installation or retrofitting of the EMP shielded doors, walls, and other parts of building or structures, waveguides, EMP power, control and signal line filters, To protect equipment housed within a shielded area from the damaging and disrupting effects of electromagnetic pulses and signals, as well as providing protection against surges produced from solar flares, nuclear weapons and lightning strikes and ensure equipment is suitably protected at all times.


EMP Solutions

EMP shielding building

EMP Shielding for Buildings, Shelters and Strategic Facilities


EMP Power Filters for All Types of Buldings and Shelters


EMP Shielded Cabinets, Safes and Containers

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