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CBRN / NBC Air Filtration & Ventilation Systems

CBRN Air Filtration and Ventilation Systems for Civil Defence Shelters, Bunkers, Safe Rooms, Chamber and other Protective Structures

Atmas offers a wide selection of NBC air filtration systems and other solutions for protective, industrial and commercial applications. Our advanced, certified and cost-effective solutions are installed in tens of thousands of civil defense shelters, government and industrial facilities, private bunkers and saferooms and other applications around the world.

We offer a complete selection of solutions for facilities of all sizes, starting from small private safe rooms and up to very large special purpose facilities designed for thousands of occupants.



SAFE 360 - CBRN filtration system

NBC air filtration 300 english

ARC Series - CBRN filtration systems

Filter bank NBC filtration

Filter Banks - CBRN filtration systems

NBC / CBRN / TIC air filtration systems are designed to provide fresh filtered from contaminants and particles air into protected spaces for creating a toxic free area (TFA). Depending on their purpose and integrated filters such systems can filter different war or industrial gases and chemicals, biological particles like viruses and bacteria, radiological and nuclear particles and materials, as well as coarse and fine dust and more.

Integrated into the systems filters define what kind of gases and particles the filter can filter/adsorb. The filters usually have to meet the requirements of different civil defense standards or can be specially designed to meet specific purposes. As an example, in nuclear power plants and nearly located facilities commonly there are requirements for additional Iodine adsorption capabilities of the filters. 

NBC filtration systems can be installed together with air handling units (AHU) in large shelters to distribute the air correctly to all parts of the shelters and prevent concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and maintain correct levels of oxygen (O2) in all rooms and parts of the shelter. In smaller shelters the air can be distributed by the system itself with support of air duct and placement of overpressure valves.

For shelters, bunkers and facilities that can be operated in isolation mode systems air regeneration systems need to be added – carbon dioxide (CO2) removal systems (scrubbers) and compressed air/oxygen (O2) supply systems for maintaining required levels of CO2, O2 and overpressure. 

NBC – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
TIC – Toxic Industrial Chemicals

Our Offer
SAFE 360 CBRN Filtration System
SAFE 360 CBRN filtration system

SAFE 360 NBC air filtration system for small shelters / saferooms

SAFE 360 CBRN Filtration System for small bunkers, residential shelters and safe rooms up to 36 m3 air volume

SAFE-360 NBC air filtration system is specifically designed for small shelters, like private/family shelters, saferooms, apartments, containers, and other spaces where NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) air filtration and ventilation may be required. The compact “floor-free” design allows to save floor space as well as to use the shelter as a dual-use space for everyday activity. Thousands of shelters where these systems are installed, used as playrooms, bedrooms, offices and more in everyday life and can be ready for use as a shelter within minutes or even seconds.
SAFE 360 allows easy installation in new structures or can be retrofitted in existing rooms or spaces. Compact, esthetic and user-friendly design can fit any room and the system can be operated by most of the people after short training session

Highlights about the SAFE 360

  • Tested and certified solution that comply with the requirements of various modern civil defense standards

  • Compact case – only 46x35x25 cm

  • Cost-Effective – thousands of such systems produces every year, what allows to offer the system at very competitive price

  • Operation modes: NBC filtration (36 CMH) / ventilation (54 CMH), multiple systems can be installed in single shelter in case larger airflow is required. The system is designed to provide fresh filtered air and to create/keeping the shelter over pressurized (depending on the airtightness of the shelter)

  • Operational voltage 100-240v 50/60Hz

  • Manual backup for cases of power outage during operation

  • SAFE 360 is a complete solution that includes in the set blast valve with prefilter, NBC filter (carbon + HEPA), electric blower, manual backup (for operation during power outage) and overpressure valve

ARC Series CBRN Filtration Systems

ARC series systems floor vs wall installation options (optional for up to ARC 600)

ARC Series CBRN Filtration Systems for Shelters in range 50-1800 m3 volume


ARC series of CBRN air filtration systems for shelters and bunkers ranges from 180 CMH to 1,800 CMH (the number states the airflow in NBC filtration mode). The ARC systems have modular design which allows flexibility in installation what is extremely important for limited space of shelters, bunkers, machine rooms, etc.
ARC systems 180 / 240 / 300 / 450 / 600 beside the standard floor installation can be installed also on the wall (floor-free) or hidden (covered by design elements) what allows to maximize the shelter space as well as to use the shelter for dual use purposes as a standard room, office, storage space and more. Such systems can be fitted to small, medium or to large shelters, and commonly installed in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, apartment and office buildings as well as various commercial and industrial facilities.


  • Tested, rugged and professional system, design for operation in hard conditions (temperature, humidity, shock, etc.) and designed to comply with the requirements of various modern civil defense standards or can be customized to client’s/local requirements.

  • Wide range of systems with airflows in NBC filtration modes (CMH): 100, 180, 240, 300, 450, 600, 900, 1200, 1800 m3/h. 

  • Operation modes: NBC Filtration / Ventilation modes (bypass mode). The airflow in ventilation mode is usually double the value of the filtration mode. 

  • Modular design for various installation options – floor or wall/ceiling mounting for easy operation and space optimization

  • Manual backup option for cases of power outage during operation

  • Typically, ARC type systems include: blast valve, prefilter, airflow volume regulator, NBC filter, electrical blower, manual backup for the blower, overpressure valve/s and connecting chemical resistant and clean air duct and hoses.  

System Name

ARC 100

ARC 180

ARC 240

ARC 300

ARC 450

ARC 600

ARC 900

ARC 1200

ARC 1800

Airflow Filtration / Vent.

100 / 200 m3/h

180 / 360 m3/h

240 / 480 m3/h

300 / 600 m3/h

450 / 900 m3/h

600 / 1200 m3/h

900 / 1800 m3/h

1200/ 2400 m3/h

1800 / 3600 m3/h

Max. Shelter Air Volume

100 m3

180 m3

240 m3

300 m3

450 m3

600 m3

900 m3

1200 m3

1800 m3

Manual backup










Filter Banks CBRN Filtration Systems
Filter bank NBC filtration
Filter bank NBC filtration 2

Filter bank installed in large civil defense shelter

Filter Banks CBRN Filtration Systems for Shelters of 1200+ m3 volume

Filter-banks are large CBRN filtration systems designed for project the specific air volume according to the project requirements and can combine number of NBC/CBRN or CO2 filters connected between them into one unit. Various NBC filter options can be used in the design (600, 900, 1,200, 1,800 CMH) creating a unit that can supply very high air volume in both NBC filtration and ventilation modes. Because of the modularity of such units, they can be designed to fit a limited and non-standard available space of the machine room or the toxic free area (TFA) of the shelter itself. 
The filter banks can be designed considering the special requirements of the shelter, its size, the number of people, the allocated space, as well as according to local or international standards, regulation or construction norms, climate zone and environmental conditions, shock resistance and blast protection requirements, and many other factors. A single shelter can have multiple filter-banks to accommodate any size of shelter and any number of people.
The Filter-Banks are based on standard and certified components, ensuring the safe operation of the system and can also be designed as manual, semi or fully automated with connection to an SMS (Shelter Management System) and an off-site remote operator.
Such Filter-Banks are usually installed in Subway Stations, Hospitals, Underground Parking Lots, Tunnels or any other large governmental or civil defense shelters.

  • Custom design for specific airflow (starting from 1,200 to 18,000 m3/h, and even larger), using standard filters and components.

  • Designed to meet project specifications and various international standards

  • Multiple systems can be installed in a single shelter to meet any airflow requirements.

  • Semi-automatic / automatic control options

  • Can be integrated with any management software and remote control.

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