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We offer consultancy, design and other project services and a complete range of equipment for safe rooms and private shelters / bunkers as well as reinforcement and conversion of regular rooms and complete facilities into protected areas.

A safe room (panic room or shelter) is a reinforced room of a space designed to provide safe area, protected from blast, ballistic, forced entry, CBRN, earthquakes, natural disasters and/or other types of threats. Safe rooms can be arranged in new construction or integrated in an existing apartment, private house, office or any other facility. 
Our range of systems for safe rooms and private shelters:

Our products for private shelters and safe rooms

SAFE 360 system installation

SAFE 360 NBC Air Filtration & Ventilation System

SAFE-360 NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) air filtration system is specially designed to fit small shelters, saferooms, residential and office protective spaces, containers, and more.  Thousands of such systems are installed in shelters around the world and help to protect peoples life​.​

Blast / Shrapnel / Gastight Doors

Light blast and gastight door for shelters, saferooms and internal protected areas. 

  • Steel door with internal reinforcement structure covered by front and rear plates. Optional 15mm steel plate

  • Special locking mechanism with central latch and two side bolts for locking and seal of the door

  • Standard-compliant gasket for complete sealing

  • Opening size (mm): 700/800(h) x 2000(h) *custom sizes available on request

  • Frame designed for casting in concrete

Safe room door 

Gastight window with blast / shrapnel cover

Safe room Blast / Shrapnel / Gastight Windows

Saferoom windows, consists of two key components: 
1.    blast and shrapnel cover made of steel plate (opens outward). This part is normally open and can be closed in an emergency. 
2.    The window part, which is made of a combination of glass and aluminum and is used as a regular window and as an additional layer of protection for gas tightness in an emergency.

CO2 Removal Systems - Scrubbers

CO2 / CO removal systems (scrubber) are air regenerative systems that can “scrub” the air - removing harmful gases such as CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) and allowing longer stay time for people inside the shelters or any enclosed spaces.

CO2 scrubber small

Small CO2 removal system

Gastight window with blast / shrapnel cover

Blast Reinforcement Fabric

Blast mitigating fabric is an advanced solution which is designed to protect walls against blast wave and additional threats. The fabric is ideal for installation on internal or external walls (concrete, bricks and other), inside buildings and any type of government, industrial and private facilities for preventing them from collapsing during a blast/explosion event.


Shelter Conversion Kit

Shelter reinforcement systems designed for retrofit or new projects for upgrading the protection level of rooms or structures against blast, ballistic and forced entry threats. These systems have been tested and approved for use by government and private organizations and provide high levels of protection and safety.
The systems can include walls and ceiling protection, blast proof door (special design opens inside for easier retrofit in existing structures), blast and ballistic window covers and other unique composite components.

Shelter conversion kit

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