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Blast Valves, Blast Dampers, Overpressure Valves, for Shelters and Industry

The valves solutions we offer can be used for new construction or retrofit modernization projects of shelters, bunkers, special blast protected application and more. Such valves are installed in shelters inside apartment buildings, civil defense shelters, critical infrastructure, government, municipal, industrial, and private facilities, and more.


Overpressure valves and blast door shelter
Blast valves BVNO collage 800

Blast Valves (Normally opened)

Blast valves and blast dampers are normally open valves installed on ventilation openings or inside ventilation system for protecting the inner space of the shelter, room or structure from positive and negative blast pressure wave. 

Overpressure Blast Valves (Normally closed) and 

Pressure Release Valves (set manually)

Overpressure valves are normally closed valves designed to maintain the overpressure inside the protected area in predetermined values and can be blast protected.


Pressure release valves are overpressure valves that designed to be set manually to control the overpressure in different parts / compartments of the shelter.

Overpressure blast valves BVNc collage 400
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