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All Solutions for Shelters and CBRN, Blast, Ballistic & Forced entry Protection

Experts in Shelters & Protective Technologies

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Atmas is a Finland based global provider of solutions for protecting people, structures and equipment against CBRN, blast, ballistic, forced entry, EMP, fire and other types of threats.
We are specialized in the areas of construction and modernization of civil defence shelters and hardened facilities, reinforcement and protection improvements for buildings and critical infrastructure, security and law enforcement, emergency preparedness and more.
Atmas is a customer-oriented company and offer a wide range of advanced, certified and cost-effective products and services including comprehensive project solutions all “under one roof”

Our Expertise

New & Popular Products


SAFE 360 NBC/CBRN Air Filtration System for Safe Rooms

SAFE 360 CBRN Air Filtration & Ventilation System is a certified, compact and cost-effective solutions for shelters and safe rooms up to 36 m3 air volume and up to12 people (depends on the standard applied).

Stand-alone Safe Rooms for Private & Commercial Property

Prefabricated, transportable and highly protected stand-alone safe room (shelter).

With our safe room, you have a ready for use protected space which offers high levels of protection from forced entry, ballistic, blast and CBRN.

Main Product Groups

Air Filtration Systems & Accessories
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CBRN Filtration Systems

We offer a wide range of standard or specially designed CBRN air filtration and ventilation systems starting from 36 m3/h airflow.

CO2 removal systems 800

CO2 Removal Systems 

Selection of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) filtration systems for civil defence shelters and rescue chambers

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NBC/CBRN/CO2 Filters

We provide various services including consultancy, shelters design, equipment selection, supply and installation support and more.

Blast / Ballistic / Forced entry Protection
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Blast Proof & Special Doors

Blast, ballistic, forced entry, fire, EMP rated doors, gates and hatches for shelters, bunkers, safe rooms, storage and security facilities.

Blast mitigation fabric

Blast Mitigation Fabric

Blast mitigating fabric is an advanced solution which is designed to reinforce any type of walls against blast wave.

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Protective Roller Shutters

Bulletproof, blast and forced entry rated roller shutters for various protective, industrial, commercial and private applications

Prefabricated Shelters & Security Structures
Prefabricated shelters Atmas

Prefabricated Shelters

Various options of concrete or composites prefabricated shelters, bunkers and safe rooms for fast deployment.

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Panic Room

Modular safe room / panic room constructed from 6mm steel panels including reinforced door and locking mechanism.

Security guard

Security Buildings

Guard Houses, Sentry Boxes, Security Rooms, Command and Control Centers, Border Posts, Watch Towers and more.

Emergency Response Solutions
CBRN Decontamination

CBRN Decontamination 

CBRN decontamination agents and systems for shelters, medical facilities common areas, personnel, equipment, transport and more


Personal Protection

Safety and personal protective equipment (PPE), protective facemasks and respirators, clothing and more

rapid-h2o emergency water barrier

Flood Protection

Rapid H2O water barriers is an effective solution for flood protection and temporary storage of water or hazardous materials

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Residential Shelter & Safe Room Solutions

Complete range of protective, security and life-support systems for residential shelters, bunkers, safe rooms and even standard rooms and buildings

  • CBRN air filtration systems

  • Blast proof doors

  • Blast proof windows

  • Perimeter reinforcement

  • CO2/CO removal systems (scrubbers)

  • Air/O2 supply systems

  • Emergency preparedness kits

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Shelter Furniture

Latest News & Highlights

Atlas SurvivalShelters becoming Atmas distributor


Atlas Survival Shelters is becoming Atmas’s Exclusive Distributor for the US and Canada

Atlas Survival Shelters is the Worlds No.1 Bunker Builder becoming an official distributor of Atmas products and will offer to its customers in the US, Canada and other countries Atmas's advanced CBRN air filtration systems and related shelter products. The systems are designed to US specs and will be available at Atlas warehouse. 

School Shelter


Atmas solutions are installed in recently finalized new school shelter project

Atmas has recently finalized the a supply of various protective and life-support systems including CBRN filtration and ventilations systems, blast valves, blast proof doors, hatches and other equipment to the newly constructed civil defence shelter in one of the school. Atlas advanced, certified and cost effective equipment will help to protect people in case of emergency.



Atmas presents specially designed stand-alone safe rooms for the private and commercial markets

Are you looking to add a shelter to your private or commercial property? Atmas together with Kibo presenting a highly protected, fast deployable and cost-effective solution. The shelters can come in various sizes and be camouflaged or added a decorative elements for not attracting attention when installed in the property.



Atmas is establishing a strategic cooperation in the field of prefabricated concrete shelters

Atmas will offer a complete range of solutions in the field of design and manufacturing of pre-casted and prefabricated shelters, bunkers and protective structures according to different international standards.

Shelter inspection 3


Atmas team has inspected another old civil defence shelter and presented its recommendations

In the past year Atmas teams has inspected tens of civil defence shelters and bunkers in different countries and gave their recommendations for reconstruction and modernization of structure and equipment.

Atmas provides a wide range of project support services including facilities inspection, consultancy, structural and overall design, testing and commissioning.

Atmas Ukraine warehouse


Atmas opens its new warehouse in Ukraine for all the range of its shelter products

Atmas warehouse in Kyiv region will provide an answer for the constantly growing demand in shelter solutions. Our product range includes CBRN air filtration systems, blast proof doors, blast valves, CO2 / CO removal systems and many other products for construction, modernization and protection upgrade projects. 


Arconik collage NBC filtration units 1000


How to select NBC/CBRN air filtration systems for shelter

Room to shelter upgrade_edited.jpg


How to convert a standard building or a room into a protected shelter

Civil defense shelter


Air supply principles for isolation mode in civil defense shelters 

Civil defense shelter types


Types and purpose of shelters & hardened facilities

Blast fabric testing


Modern blast protection solutions for upgrade of existing structures

Fire Station Interior


National resilience, civil defense & emergency management programs

Our Partners

Atmas has a well established professional network of distributors and representatives around the world and offers government, commercial and private customers a wide range of products and services. We are always looking to expand our global presence and invite companies and individuals to become our partners for bringing together the range of Atmas advanced solutions to their local market.