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Advanced Solutions for Shelters, CBRN, Blast, Ballistic and EMP Protection

We are Experts in Shelters and Protective Technologies​

Atmas is a leading global provider of solutions for civil defense shelters and protective facilities, critical infrastructure and buildings fortification, security and emergency response. We are specializing in CBRN, blast, ballistic, forced entry, EMP Protection and more, offering a comprehensive range of advanced, field-proven and cost-effective products and services, all “under one roof”. 

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Safe rooms / Private Shelters
Complete range of solutions for private bunkers and safe rooms
  • NBC air filtration systems
  • Blast proof doors and hatches
  • Blast and splinter protected windows
  • Walls/perimeter reinforcement solutions
  • CO2 removal systems - scrubbers
  • Oxygen supply systems
  • Emergency preparedness kits
  • Personal protective equipment
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